October 19

Credit, Risk and Compliance Desk Feature


Our consultants at Paton Personnel are well known for their longstanding relationships with candidates, networks within their specialist areas as well as their deep technical knowledge.

We are pleased to be running a #DeskFeature campaign, showcasing each high performing desk and giving insight into what drives our success and what differentiates us. This week, we’re showcasing our Credit, Risk and Compliance Desk – run by Celina Govender and Nirushka Singh. We recently interviewed these ladies about high performance, finding talent and closing deals!

Your reasons for being successful?

Knowledge is key. We strive to be domain experts at all times.

How do you close deals?

Understanding and aligning requirements between candidate and potential employer with emphasis on constant communication and transparency during the process.

How do you find top talent?

Through our current network and making a point of getting to know the upcoming talent in our space.

What makes you different?

Due to our industry knowledge our role has evolved from talent recruiter to trusted advisor on market trends, regulatory changes and most importantly a deep understanding of the Risk, Compliance and Credit talent pool.

Thank you to Celina and Nirushka for all your hard work and expertise in your field. To get in touch with Celina or Nirushka, email [email protected] or [email protected]


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