October 19

Accounting, Tax, Finance, Audit and Operations Desk Feature


Our specialist consultants at Paton are renowned for their strong relationships with candidates; and for their networks within the specialist areas. They possess deep technical knowledge and work closely with both candidates and clients to meet their needs with precision.

We are excited and proud to be running a #DeskFeature campaign, highlighting each high performing desk, and giving insight into what drives our success and what makes us stand above the rest.

This week, we’re showcasing our Accounting, Finance, Tax, Audit and Operations desk, run by Chane Vinnicombe and Lerato Matsemela. This pair has been a team for three years and together they have won numerous PMR awards. We recently interviewed these ladies on the topics of high performance, team work, finding talent and closing deals!

What makes you successful?

· More than a decade of focused specialisation (market insight, strong technical knowledge, knowledge of existing talent pool and knowledge of the client base)

· Strong communication skills, with a well stablished personal brand.

· Collaborative efforts: the team has worked together for 3 years

· We are always available for clients and candidates – we aim to provide an efficient and effective service

· We find joy in our jobs and “Make it fun”

How do you close deals?

· We partner with clients in a consultative manner

· We listen to what both the client and candidate are looking for

· We keep ethics front of mind

How do you find top talent?

· We leverage off existing relationships (Referrals)

· Our strong existing database

· Searching on all recruitment platforms

What makes you different, Chané?

· My deep knowledge of the area

· My ability to professionally connect with people using strong communication skills.

· Developed credibility because of my years in the industry (I started my recruitment career with the Kelmac group in the ‘90s , then had my own business and I’ve now been with Paton for the nearly 11 years)

· Passion and drive for excellence and people

· Strong team efforts

Thank you to Chané and Lerato for all your hard work and expertise in your field.

To get in touch with Chane or Lerato, email [email protected] or [email protected]


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